The relentless pursuit of learning

Take control of your learning. Take control of your life.

Welcome to the Quick Brown Fox newsletter by me, Salman Ansari!

I spent over a decade founding startups, building web and mobile apps, and leading teams. My last experience as a founder left me burnt out, and I needed a break. It took much longer than expected, but I came out with a refreshed attitude on life, and an insatiable thirst for learning.

Over a span of six months, I had the chance to study a variety of topics in depth (including over seventy books). The topics ranged from understanding Bitcoin to practicing meditation for an hour each day. This newsletter is my attempt to finally share some of those learnings.

Additionally, I knew that publishing my thoughts would be a great way to reinforce my own learning, and help build a habit to continue doing it.

Join me on this journey to quench our thirst for learning! These topics will be as varied as my interests (i.e. very), but some of the themes will touch on:

  • The power of meditation, mindfulness, and journaling as a reflection tool

  • How to navigate and discover the right roles in work (individual contributor vs management, startups vs big cos vs solo consulting)

  • Creating an outlet to unlock your creativity through hobbies (e.g. writing, getting started with drawing)

  • The impact of climate change and how we can act, focusing on solutions around urban development and mass transit

  • Lessons learned from building startups to acquisition (and to failure!)

Stay tuned! In the meantime, tell your friends!